Matthew DiVenere

Global Scaling
International Investor & Strategy Consultant

Mark Hubbard

Venture Capital
President & CEO at IgniteHQ
Ellen Hunter

Ellen Hunter

Social Engagement
Strategy Consultant at McKinsey
Karen Jones

Karen Jones

Public Relations
Principal at Karen Jones PR
Benj Miller

Benj Miller

Brand Strategy
Syrup Marketing / Transcend RE / CodeSmith
/ Traxion
Roger Mahler

Roger Mahler

Corporate Engagement
AT&T – IoT & Security

Alfredo Narez

Product Design
Product Design, Strategy &
Marketing Consultant
Shane Matthews

Shane Matthews

Professional Advisor at Georgia Tech
Tricia Whitlock

Tricia Whitlock

Brand Marketing
Startup Tech Writer, Planner & Promoter
Jim Schwoebel

Jim Schwoebel

Machine Deep Learning
CEO of NeuroLex Diagnostics
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