What Are The Advantages of Working in a Shared Office Space?


Are you a small startup hoping to gain a footing? Perhaps you are an experienced business looking to expand your operations. While it may be nice to have an office to call your own, the advantages to using a shared office space or coworking space are both plentiful and profound, especially if your organization is budget-conscious and a fast-growing startup. Below is a list of some of the great community benefits of utilizing a shared office space.

Low Overhead

It can be both expensive and time-consuming to establish a new office—or even a temporary one. Shared office spaces free you from the hassle of furnishing a new office space, as they tend to carry a far greater value in providing the more important pieces needed to build a successful business. Don’t fret over furniture issues or mundane things like setting up utilities . Instead focus on building your business and getting things running smoothly.

Existing IT Infrastructure

For many young businesses that have few employees and a small budget, finding the room to pay for IT services can be next to impossible. Utilizing a shared office space offers the perfect solution to this problem. Most spaces already have dedicated IT support on-site. This means not only are you able to get started on your work quickly, it also means that you have a safety net should problems come up (as they most likely will at some point). This is yet another significant community benefit of a shared office space, freeing you to concentrate on your work.

Flexibility of a Short Lease

Shared office spaces allow you to choose the most appropriate package to suit your specific business needs.  Your needs may change from month to month.   This built-in flexibility represents a distinct advantage over private leases which may not account for your limited budget or your schedule.

Networking Opportunities

Coworking spaces are social and dynamic.  This leads to incredible collaboration, innovation and progress. Often, coworking tenants establish fruitful partnerships with one another by utilizing each other’s services or cooperating together on a project.

Encourages Serendipity

Another way to look at the community benefits of a shared office space is as a way to encourage serendipity. You may be surprised at how quickly you are able to build out a diverse social network, which can potentially lead to new clients, new resources and maybe even new investors to help you get the work done. Some of the coworking community call this, ‘accelerated serendipity’.

Access to Mentors and Resources

Some shared office spaces offer access to mentors on-site. These mentors are seasoned entrepreneurs that are available to work closely with other members of that shared office space. They provide mentoring, valuable resources, oversight and strategy as well as an opportunity to possibly even invest in certain start-ups. Some of the additional resources that may be available are:

  • Access to conference rooms
  • Fast internet access
  • Printer/Copier/Scanner capabilities
  • USPS mailing address
  • Local and long distance phone in conference room
  • Free parking

These are just a few of the many, many benefits of working in shared office spaces. Step into the new age of growing a successful business while keeping costs down and minor details out of the way so you can focus on what really matters. If you would like more information on how a shared office space should work, contact IgniteHQ for more information.

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